About Us

  Mary Louise Malakan

Mary has applied her decades of dance experience, her passion for her art, her skills as a mother, and her devotion to bettering the life of every child and developed an inspirational method of movement. The methodology is designed specifically to challenge each individual person according to their specific needs, through use of the liberating joy of movement. She has identified and targeted the oft-neglected, underserved community of physically and emotionally challenged children, , adults and their families as having a profound need for just such a movement and dance method and dedicated her life to providing it. Mary began her mission to help others in 2005 where she founded “The Perfect Storm Charity, Inc.“ In the past 13 years of expanding her mission and non-profit organization, the techniques have been introduced and refined in a variety of different settings Dance/Health/Education and have progressively broadened the spectrum of her methodology and approaches to giving others a successful learning experience.